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Wishing you a warm welcome to the 1776 Forward community - from co-founder Chris

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?

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Welcome! Thank you for joining us here in our Locals community during our launch.

Just want to clarify what you can expect on this platform...

As you can see, it's free to join here and get access to a variety of posts.

There's also a $4 monthly paid subscription if you want to create posts yourself and also access a variety of special bonus content. FYI, eventually we'll create different levels and tiers of membership, but during these early days it's just a flat $4 rate for everything as we experiment with different kinds of content - so it's a great opportunity to check out and even help us shape what we will offer and create.

For example, Donald and Roark are planning to do some special sessions specifically for students, based on their experience leading successful campus clubs.

Also, Joia and one of her friends who is also a life coach will be developing some special Liberty Activism group coaching calls - because there is no one-size-fits-all answer to "what can I do?" Rather,...

Introducing Podcast Hosts Roark, Donald, Adam

Meet three of our 1776 Forward podcast hosts!

Introducing Podcast Hosts Roark, Donald, Adam
Introducing 1776 Forward: 10 Themes

Find out what the 1776 Forward project is all about!

Introducing 1776 Forward: 10 Themes
Introducing 1776 Forward: 10 Themes

Check out this video which introduces the 1776 Forward project:

1776 Forward, One Year Later

Happy Independence Day America! On this day 245 years ago, the American founders integrated the best of enlightenment values of reason, individualism, & freedom to set this nation and the world on a new course to liberate all men from the tyranny & poverty that had dominated most of mankind’s history. The Founders’ initial execution contained major errors & flaws, but also contained within it the ideals & the method to correct and bring their vision of human equality & freedom closer to reality over time....

And one year ago today, a new group of Americans founded this movement of 1776 Forward, inspired by their example, to stand up and speak out for the philosophically liberal values enshrined in those original documents from 1776 - in order to defend and advance the enlightenment vision of liberty and progress for all that is under attack in our present age. Re-sharing our manifesto released on July 4, 2020. Let freedom wave & reign always, so long as we come together for these ...

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“The Case Against ‘Western Civilization’” - a talk with Robert Tracinski

Hear Joia interview leading liberty intellectual Robert Tracinski discuss his latest essay on “The Case Against Western Civilization”, which is really the case for a society of Enlightenment values.

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